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We help organizations with alignment of corporate objectives to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), Circular Economy by design, Sustainability in Supply chain, Environmental Management, Large Marine Ecosystems - Analysis and Management, Green Ports and Shipping, Sustainable Finance, Multilateral Development Organizations - Functions and Strategies, ESG, Socio-economic initiatives management, Employee safety, Ethics and Corporate social responsibility. We offer consulting and training services. Our Green Courses list can be found in the video below. 

          "The primary objective of our training services is to design and develop a content that meets the needs of your employees in a training environment and deliver it at your place, fulfilling the requirements of the organization and employees." - V. Gopalakrishnan, CEO

We have designed and successfully demonstrated a unique way of corporate skill development using a improvised training method that engages the trainees into computer based exercises, real life case analysis and group activities. 

Our approach is unique. We approach each engagement with our long-term goal in mind; a lasting, beneficial relationship with our clients. We know that in order to achieve that goal, we need to meet and exceed your expectations. We do that by spending time up front to understand the challenges your business faces and the uniqueness of your organization so that we can help you get the best return on your investment.

Our mission is to enlighten working professionals with global best practices, market trends, strategies, new concepts that are taught at world’s top 10 B-Schools, and help in adapting those concepts for continuous improvement in their daily work, so as to stay relevant to the current market conditions. 

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Corporate Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

We’ve been working with companies and researching for nearly ten years, and looked at nearly every possible aspect of corporate training. In our research we found that some of the most important elements of “capability building” include creating a management culture which is open to mistakes, building trust, giving people time to reflect, and creating a value system around learning. It turns out that the development of high-impact learning is tricky. Not only should an organization understand the basics of training and development, but must integrate it with the company’s talent practices (career progression and leadership) and also create a “culture of learning.” Companies that adopt these in learning culture significantly outperform their peers in innovation, customer service, and profitability. Source credit: Mr. Josh Bersin, Contributor, Forbes USA.