Badge given by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Sustainability Specialist

The Certificate from the Government of the USA

A Global Citizen and a Sustainability Consultant with 15+ Years of Rich Consulting and training experience in 15 Countries. Founder and CEO of GOPS - Global Operational Excellence Solutions. Instigator of Logistics Skill Council. A Fulbright Awardee and a proud recipient of a Certificate Signed by the President of USA - for successful completion of Humphrey fellowship program at Cornell (Ivy League) University, USA. My expertise includes: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), Circular Economy by design, Environmental Management, Large Marine Ecosystems - Analysis and Management, Green Ports and Shipping, Sustainable Finance, Multilateral Development Organizations - Functions and Strategies, ESG, Socio-economic initiatives management, Employee safety, Ethics and Corporate Governance. In march 2021, I was awarded Positive Change Ambassador Badge from Rotterdam school of Management, Erasmus University. In a nutshell, A Highly Qualified, Intelligent, Smart & an Out-of-Box Thinker, Leader and Problem Solver at your service.

Certificate from Cornell University
Currently I am working as the Founder and CEO of this Non Profit organization and am working to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The activities undertaken at GOPS are as follows:

2021: SDG 4 & 14
Problem Statement: There were no end-to-end learning course on Eco friendly shipping.
Solution: Create a free e learning course on Green Shipping and offer it for global students
Results: Visited 10 ports globally and created a enriching learning experience that benefitted professionals from 100 countries

2020: SDG 4, 5 & 10
Problem Statement: UNICEF wanted to sign better deals with donor partners to create better impact for children in Asia Pacific countries
Solution: Created and delivered customized workshop for UNICEF staffs on negotiation skills and contract management.
Results: Visited UNICEF office in EAPRO and trained 12 team leaders and gave two individual follow-up session that resulted in better donor agreements

2019: SDG 1, 2, 3 & 8
Problem Statement: UNMISS had safety concerns and losses in logistics due to lack of proper skill training.
Solution: Delivered Customized skill development course at UNMISS Juba and trained 40 staffs on hands on cargo securement and handling
Results: The number of incidents reduced drastically

2018: SDG 3, 4 & 8
Problem Statement: UNAMA had worker accidents due to lack of safety training
Solution: Help UNAMA staffs with modern safety tools and practices.
Results: Delivered an onsite training for UNAMA at their office and trained 50 staffs on Warehouse safety. This resulted in fewer minor and major accidents.

2017: SDG 14
Problem Statement: Port of Maldives had problems with environmental management and capacity concerns
Solution: Develop a collaborative project with University of New Orleans MERIC team for Measurement and control of GHG emissions and benchmarking the best practices using a twin port concept.
Results: Project didn't take off due to change in Port Management and Political instability in the country.

Previous experience as a Counsellor at a Non-Profit Organization:

2015 to 2017: SDG 8, 17
Problem Statement: UN wanted to improve its supply management
Solution: Develop a tailored training course on UN Supply management and delivered it at UN, Italy
Results: Trained over 100 staffs of UN from across the world on Supply Management and helped them improve their Procurement process.

2013 to 2015: SDG 4, 5 & 8
Problem Statement: Lack of proper skill development in logistics sector and increase in un-employment among rural youth.
Solution: Founded Logistics Skill Council to train and place 10 million workforce in Logistics sector. This project included Study of International Skill development frameworks from UK, Australia, proposal development till final sanction of Grant from the Government of India, Registration of Organization, Recruiting, Opening Bank accounts and Full incubation.
Results: Logistics Skill council was established and is now in its 8th successful year.

2013 MDG: 3, 7
Problem statement: Warehouse Industry was highly unorganized with high cost of logistics, low gender equality and environmental issues.
Solution: Developed the WAREHOUSE CERTIFICATION MODEL known as the WAREX certification and served as an auditor to assess Warehouses and compare them with bench-marked practices globally.
Results: Gender participation increased from 0.2% to 12%. Green practices was made mandatory for certification.

2012 MDG 7
Problem Statement: India had low awareness on Sustainability and Environmental Management
Solution: Create and deliver a series of workshops across the country
Results: Delivered 12 workshops for over 500 professionals on green Logistics and Green manufacturing that helped in creating an increased awareness

2011: MDG 6
Problem Statement: HIV AIDS was threatening the healthy living of India
Solution: Develop a better distribution of Healthcare products like Condoms and deliver it free at strategic locations.
Results: Implemented an improved condom distribution network for better reach.
Pharma Supply Chain Certificate
Certification on Pharma Supply Chain Management

Fulbright Scholarship:

Fulbright Program on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change at the Ivy League University - Cornell University. Full time program at the campus in Ithaca, New york, USA.

During this period, I studied GHG emission reduction initiatives at Pepsico USA, General Motors USA, Amazon USA, Port of Long Beach, California, USA, Port of Los Angeles, California USA, Port of New Orleans, LA, USA, Ford Motors, Detroit USA and Lowes, NC, USA.

Areas of specialization includes: Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Climate Change. Studied the Port Best practices.

Received the Hubert H Humphrey program completion certificate signed by the President of the USA.
World Bank certificate
World Bank Certificate on Decision Making

Previous Work Experience:

Oracle E- Business Suite Consulting for SCM modules for Honeywell Plant in Europe and Middle east Asia. Handled training, Customer support and ERP upgrades as a Subject Matter Expert in Procurement and Procure to Pay.

Worked as an Assistant Manager for Procurement and New Vendor development.
Completed ISO14001 Auditor Training and Certification.
Helped Automotive vendors to improve their EMS and reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and improve workplace safety.

Other Certification:
Certificate for Business Strategy Course


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