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5. Supply chain Cost Control for reducing the end product cost

6. How to become an Earth person, AKA Sustainability specialist

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Corporate Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

We’ve been working with companies and researching for nearly ten years, and looked at nearly every possible aspect of corporate training. In our research we found that some of the most important elements of “capability building” include creating a management culture which is open to mistakes, building trust, giving people time to reflect, and creating a value system around learning. It turns out that the development of high-impact learning is tricky. Not only should an organization understand the basics of training and development, but must integrate it with the company’s talent practices (career progression and leadership) and also create a “culture of learning.” Companies that adopt these in learning culture significantly outperform their peers in innovation, customer service, and profitability. Source credit: Mr. Josh Bersin, Contributor, Forbes USA.