Environmental sustainability related services:

We are excited to announce the launch of sustainability and ESG related services to help in improving the corporate sustainability performance. Our area of specialization includes ESG, Safety, Social performance, Environmental performance, CSR initiatives along with alignment of sustainability reports to SDG and GRI framework. Lets join hands to make our world better.
Corporate Training:

We offer two categories of Corporate training programs on Sustainability, Corporate citizenship and Employee Volunteering, Circularity by design and Manufacturing operations.

1. Customized training programs to address the Sustainability Challenges faced by the organization
2. Capacity building training programs on specific functional area ( Like SDG, CSR, Stakeholder Engagement, Shared value creation etc.,) for new project teams and new recruits.

Sustainable supply chain Consulting:

We provide Supply chain consulting services in topics including: Sustainability, Circularity, Inventory Control, Warehouse Operations, Supply chain Analysis and improvement, developing SOP's for various SCM activities, Environmental Management Systems, Vendor Audit, Warehouse Audit, Warehouse Safety, Supply chain Optimization, Vendor Manual preparation and Operating Manual for 3PL/Warehouse operators.

Advisory Support for IT & BPO:

We provide advisory support for IT and BPO companies, in proposal development for new project bidding. Many Software companies use only their in-house domain experts for proposal development. But engaging a third party consultant to review and add value to the proposal has seen higher success rates. We offer reliable, confidential expert opinion in proposal development and in demystifying the clients requirements.
Content Development for E-Learning modules:

If you are a e-learning company providing online learning and certification services, you might require a course instructor to run the program and for online discussion/chat forums. We support clients in content development and program delivery for courses related to Sustainability, Supply chain and Logistics. Some of our recent courses can be seen in the video in the homepage. Reach out for more details.

Reach us for any ad hoc requirements like interviewing and candidate selection, proposal review and due diligence, case study analysis, Factory/ Supplier audit, Scaling up, Risk Management and even Governing board / Committee participation. Sky is the limit. 

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Corporate Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

We’ve been working with companies and researching for nearly ten years, and looked at nearly every possible aspect of corporate training. In our research we found that some of the most important elements of “capability building” include creating a management culture which is open to mistakes, building trust, giving people time to reflect, and creating a value system around learning. It turns out that the development of high-impact learning is tricky. Not only should an organization understand the basics of training and development, but must integrate it with the company’s talent practices (career progression and leadership) and also create a “culture of learning.” Companies that adopt these in learning culture significantly outperform their peers in innovation, customer service, and profitability. Source credit: Mr. Josh Bersin, Contributor, Forbes USA.